About us

Who are the Assyrians?  

Assyrians are the descendants of Ancient Assyria, a place that once existed during the 2nd millennium BCE in Bethnahrain (Mesopotamia), modern day Northern Iraq, Southeastern Turkey, Northwestern Iran, and Northwestern Syria. They speak Assyrian, which is scholarly referred to as "Neo-Aramaic," a semetic language that Jesus Christ spoke while his time on earth. 


What is Shlama? 

Shlama is their initial greeting, however rather it translating to "hello," it translates to "peace." The first letter to spell Shlama is Sheen, which derives from the Assyrian Alphabet and is also the Shlama Apparel logo.


Our Mission 

Shlama Apparel's mission is to revive the Assyrian identity. 


Our Vision

A world where everyone knows who the Assyrians are. 


Our Values 

1. Empowerment 

2. Connection 

3. Unity 

4. Pride 

5. Creativity 


About the Founder

Shlama-ilokhon Azize! (CC: Peace be upon you all friends!) 


My name is Samantha, I am 22 years old, and I am the sole founder/owner of Shlama Apparel. I am biracial Chaldo-Assyrian from my dad's side and Filipino from my mom's. My matha (ancestral town) is called "Omra," which is a little town north of Zakho, Iraq, which would make me "omrayta" (a girl from Omra). 


I started Shlama Apparel as a way of reclaiming my identity. Once upon a time, growing up in two cultures, I felt disconnected from my identity as an Assyrian; the largest reason being I couldn't speak Sureth (Assyrian).


In April of 2020, when COVID-19 put the whole world into lockdown, I started my journey learning how to speak Assyrian, and after educating myself more on Assyrian culture and history, I fell in love with being Chaldo-Assyrian and today I'm proud of who I am (and still building fluency speaking Assyrian). 


By starting Shlama Apparel and continue to educate others on who Assyrians are and why they matter, I am not only serving my Assyrian global community, rather I am being the person I needed when I was a child. 


My goal is to preserve our culture through restoring the pride that's lingering within ourselves and others, and to help Assyrians feel more proud of who they are by educating them on our rich culture and history. 


Photo taken at the 6773 Akitu Festival hosted by Assyrian Aid Society of Canada 

Assyrian Clothing Brand Shlama Apparel - Kha'b Nissan Akitu 6773





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How long does it take for my order to arrive after placing an order? 


First Class Shipping (1-5 days) $15.95 CAD

Expedited shipping (1-2 days) $30.78 CAD

United States 

First Class Shipping (7-8 days) $18.95 USD 

Express shipping (3-5 days) $30.95 USD 


Standard International (30-40 days) $28 AUD 

Free shipping on all orders over $105 AUD 

Orders from Australia are not being shipped from our main warehouse. They’re being shipped and produced overseas. Meaning, when an Australian customer places an order, the production of their clothing begins; once the clothing is finished being made, then it is shipped out. We estimate arrival time to be 30-40 days (15-20 days production time + 15-20 days shipping time). We are also unable to provide tracking numbers at this time. 

We are working with our team to find ways on shipping to AUS faster with tracking information we can provide to our customers.

I placed an order and I’m from Australia. Can I have a tracking number? 

Currently, we are unable to provide tracking numbers to our Australian orders. However, if you’d like to know the status of your order, you can email us at shlama.apparel@gmail.com and we’ll get back to you within 24-48 hours. 

When emailing, please include the name on the order and order number.

Can I expect top-tier quality?

ABSOLUTELY YES! Our product details of each piece of clothing; hoodies, joggers and t-shirts are specified in their descriptions. Our clothing is designed to be thick and minimalistic, so that our consumers can wear them on a daily-basis and have them for the long run.

Do I need to wash my clothes in a specific way?

We have not run into any issues washing our clothes in warm water + dry cleaning, however we recommend washing in cold water.

How frequent are restocks?

Restocks are only applicable to our North America customers (Canada and United States). We restock every 3-6 months after selling out of a particular colour & size.

Can anyone join the Shlama Apparel Brand Ambassador program?

Currently, only residents based in Canada, United States, and Australia can join the program. When we’re able to ship to countries in Europe, then we will expand the program to anyone residing in Europe.

Where can I find all your dance tutorials?

All tutorials are posted on our Tiktok page and Instagram @shlama.apparel

Where can I contact for further information?

Send us an email at shlama.apparel@gmail.com or check out our contact page.


Bethnahrain (Mesopotamia) is taking it's transnational form with Shlama Apparel. It's a combination of culture and modernizatiom through minimalistic fashion

Photo taken in Ankawa, Erbil, Iraq